Camera Firmware Upgrade Notice : Firmware for AFB1000. BCC2000. BCC2000 Plus. TLC2000. TLC2020

If your camera (TLC2000, TLC2020, BCC2000, BCC2000 Plus) firmware is currently version FW150, it might cause interruption while recording...

Brinno BCC2000 Plus – The Best Time Lapse Solution for Capturing Construction Projects

Jobsite safety is essential to any construction project. With Brinno’s new construction time lapse bundle, experience truly ladderfree access......

Construction of Massive Transport Ship Showcased on Time Lapse

In a major milestone for the ship building industry inTaiwan, the first Taiwan-built transport ship was unveiled. This 10,600 tonship is an impressive 153 meters long and 23 meters wide.

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