Camera Firmware Upgrade Notice : Firmware for AFB1000. BCC2000. BCC2000 Plus. TLC2000. TLC2020

If your camera (TLC2000, TLC2020, BCC2000, BCC2000 Plus) firmware is currently version FW150, it might cause interruption while recording...

New TLC130 iOS App Update with Easy One Click Connect

Brinno has just released an update for the TLC130 app that includes the new one click connect feature.

Brinno Launches New Accessory - AFB1000

Increase your reach and extend the capabilities of your BCC2000 with Brinno's new Camera Extender Kit - AFB1000.

Announcement - Activities you can do in self-isolation

The COVID-19 virus situation is continuing to evolve on a daily basis. Many of our customers have lost their normalcy and are currently self-isolating at home......

Creating a Stress Free Environment for Pets in Self-isolation

After leaving your offices and starting a work from home lifestyle, those of you with pets may have discovered you now had some new very needy office mates. Self-isolating......